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Kineuchi Fresh Soba - 十割ざるそば (2 pax serve)

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Soba is known as Japanese buckwheat noodle. A well-known nutritious dish which can be served cold or in hot soup.

A great fact about Kineuchi Fresh Soba is that it does not contain binders or salt and it is 100% made out of buckwheat flour. Packed with Japanese authentic soba soy sauce to elevate the taste of your meal.

Ingredients Contains: 

Noodle - Black wheat and sake

Soup - Soy sauce, Sugar, Fermented Seasoning, Glucose, Bonito Powder, Sweet Sake (mirin), Salt, Mackerel Powder, Fish Powder, Dried Sardine Powder, Bonito Extract, Brewing Vinegar, Kelp (kombu) and Leek Extract. 

Cooking Method: Put noodles in cold water and let it boil for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. drain and wash with cold water. Serve noodles with the soba sauce on the side with spring onion or wasabi of your choice. 

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